Transforming Lives in Lake Elsinore

Dream Center Lake Elsinore
Industry: Non-Profit / Community Service

Client Challenge

Dream Center Lake Elsinore, a volunteer-driven organization, has been dedicated to transforming lives through community service, spiritual growth, and support programs. They identified the need for a Transitional Housing program to assist individuals grappling with substance abuse and domestic violence. A key element of this vision was the repurposing of the abandoned Ambassador Hotel, a site with a troubled past. As the Dream Center’s various community projects like the food pantry and adopt-a-block program thrived, the time came to actualize the vision for the Ambassador Hotel. However, they faced challenges in fundraising, legal complexities, and the need for effective branding and communication to make this dream a reality.

Make Good Solution

Make Good stepped in to assist the Dream Center in this transformative venture. Collaborating closely, we focused on developing a comprehensive branding strategy, compelling video narratives, and impactful annual reports to showcase the center’s mission. Our approach was multifaceted, extending to the design of a coffee shop concept linked to the Ambassador Hotel. This coffee shop was envisioned as a rehabilitation step, offering employment and skill development for program graduates, while also fostering a community hub in Lake Elsinore. Our team’s expertise in storytelling and digital communications was pivotal in illustrating the potential of the Ambassador project and mobilizing community support.


Our partnership has seen the Dream Center’s vision take shape, with significant progress in the renovation of the Ambassador Hotel for its noble new purpose. The materials and campaigns developed have not only aided in fundraising but also in volunteer recruitment and community engagement. The coffee shop concept has been warmly received, adding a tangible aspect to the Dream Center’s mission of rehabilitation and community integration. This ongoing project continues to evolve, bringing hope and transformation to the lives it touches in Lake Elsinore.

Services Provided
  • Branding and Communication Strategy
  • Video Production and Storytelling
  • Annual Report Design and Development
  • Concept Development for the Ambassador Hotel and Coffee Shop