Inspiring Community Support for Renovations and Expansion

Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Industry: Arts & Culture

Client Challenge

To fund a major facilities renovation and gallery expansion, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art launched a $50 million capital campaign called “Imagine More.” They needed compelling materials to showcase their vision and inspire community support.

Make Good Solution

Teaming with Jay Toffoli Design Company, Make Good developed the campaign website and interactive digital experiences to highlight the museum’s potential. Bringing their plans to life through immersive storytelling, our collaboration made the possibility of a renovated, inclusive museum feel real and urgent.


Make Good’s digital engagement helped the SBMA raise over $5 million during the “Imagine More” campaign. Our work secured support from donors and foundations, bringing the museum closer to their renovation and expansion goals.

Services Provided
  • “Imagine More” campaign website
  • Interactive digital experiences
  • Supporter engagement content
  • $5+ million raised
  • Largest gift of $2.5 million