Fostering Shared Purpose Through Education and Storytelling

Free Methodist Church
Industry: Faith-Based
Number of Members: Thousands across 50+ churches

Client Challenge

With a 150-year history grounded in social justice, the Free Methodist Church sought to re-engage both longtime and new members by highlighting their enduring values and purpose. However, outdated perceptions presented barriers to fostering a shared sense of belonging and identity across generations.

Make Good Solution

Since 2005, Make Good has partnered with the Free Methodist Church to evolve their approach to education, storytelling, and shared experiences. This includes developing classes and courses on Free Methodism’s history and values, creating documentary videos and podcasts to share member stories, providing print and digital materials, and producing live events aligned with their mission.


By focusing on purpose and inclusivity, Make Good helped strengthen the Free Methodist community across Southern California. Our work over 15+ years has engaged thousands through education and storytelling that brings shared values to life. This has empowered new generations of leaders and encouraged a more cohesive sense of identity and belonging.

Services Provided
  • Branding and visual identity
  • Print and digital education materials
  • Short documentary videos
  • Podcast production
  • Live event production